Environment Policy

THP acknowledged the environment impact caused by its business operation and products or services and we are committed and always promoting Global Environment Preservation and Prevent Pollution to all our employees.
All employees are aware of the important of Global Environmental Protection activities, develop and maintain the Environmental Management System (EMS) and engage in continuous improvement activities through joint efforts.
WE are clearly identifies and complies with legal requirements such as laws / regulations, regional ordinances and agreements to be served and other requirements accepted by the company.

Our Key Priority & Effort

Reduction of CO2 emissions through energy-saving activities in factories and offices.
Achievement of Zero-Emission factories through waste control and recycling.
Compliance with the laws and regulations in each country and user requirements for controlling hazardous chemical substances in products and materials.
Effective use of material resources by improving in-process yield rates.
We will periodically review these activities by setting objectives and targets. The EMS documents and their application will be communicated to all employee through internal educational programs. And we will be disclosed the Environmental Policy to the public view especially our visitors.